Monday, July 03, 2006

Turning over a new fridge

So to restock our now empty freezer and to just get our weekly groceries, we set off to the store today knowing full well that we're going to spend more than our usual $40 or so on food. I've concluded that grocery shopping in summer is very different from any other time of the year. Even though we have more time to experiment in the kitchen, it's too hot to labor over the stove or eat anything too heavy, so you end up buying things which are easy to make and light on the system.

What we got today:
1) 2 peaches (we tend to hoard fruit so we've learnt to buy them in small quantities rather than see them turn bad. Besides, we still have some apricots we haven't finished- see what I mean by hoarding??)
2) 1lb tomatoes
3) loaf of bread
4) pack of hotdog buns
5) pack of beef franks (easiest things to make for lunch)
6) jar of Nutella (we go through these like 5-year olds...)
7) 5lb pack of boneless, skinless chicken breast that was on sale at $1.99/lb (I never turn down chicken breast on sale since the thing's so darn expensive here compared to other cuts of the bird...)
8) a pack of cubed beef
9) 2 packs of butterflied pork loins
10) 2 tins of anchovies
11) a tin of tuna packed in olive oil (infinitely better than those packed in brine)
12) a jar of spaghetti sauce
13) a can of diced tomatoes
14) a carton of milk
15) 2 large bags of frozen veggies (I still have peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and lettuce that thankfully didn't go bad)
16) a pack of rice noodles for pho
17) a carton of orange juice
18) a bag of breaded chicken breast tenders
19) a small Eli's cheesecake (Allison's visiting from Kentucky so we thought to give ourselves a treat)
20) a tub of Stroh's French Vanilla ice-cream (what's summer without ice-cream?)

And we were right- after redeeming the coupons we got for recycling our bottles, we spent almost double of what we are used to paying every week. I think we've come to a decision about our shopping and consuming habits after the fiasco with the freezer- from now on, we're only going to buy food after we've used up all we have in the fridge. The reason why we had to throw out so much food was that we used to just keep buying and storing rather than make sure we had used everything up first. I thought about all the stuff that had gone bad and I think we had enough in there to feed us for two weeks! That's it, our fridge is going zen from now on man...


srah said...

I always buy way too much food for one person... or prepare too much food for one person... and then I get sick of it too early. I have some tuna salad in the back of my fridge because I made a big bowl of it, ate one sandwichful, then made something else and never came back to the tuna. I need to throw that out! I bet I could save a lot on groceries if I planned better (sigh).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including Eli's Cheesecake for your special guest.

Best wishes,

Marc Schulman
Eli's President

Anonymous said...

Check it out! I'm a "special guest".

It's official: Invite me over as your special guest and you too will be special. We'll eat delicious cheesecake.

And, I'm not yet in Kentuchy.