Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Darkness falls...

[click for an enlarged version of my favorite portrait of Heath the Joker]

Not since... okay, not since I-don't-know-when have I anticipated a movie so badly. It opens tomorrow and we have tickets to watch it on Saturday. I told myself I'm not going to read any reviews or reports of it until I've seen it for myself. Let's see how well that goes.

Oh be still my beating heart...
In a small, windowless side-room stand a pair of costumes. In one corner, hanging from a sturdy, metal frame, is the new-look batsuit, all matte-black mesh and unyielding hard-plastic carapace, the first to allow the moody crime-fighter to actually turn his head. Impressive. But in the corner to its left, draped simply over a headless mannequin, is something far more exciting. Its a tatty, threadbare get-up, a dark-green waistcoat over a grey shirt, with a dark green tie at the collar. Purple trousers hang below and a long, angular purple coat sits on top. The ensemble's completed by a pair of purple gloves and a silver fob chain dangling from the belt. Its part Vivienne Westwood, part Alexander McQueen, part thrift-shop grunge. And its entirely The Joker.
-from Empire Magazine, "Heath has created something quite terrifying" (Dec 2007)

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