Friday, July 25, 2008

Hellboy flashback

Jude and I really enjoyed Hellboy- he almost never watches a movie twice at the theatres but he did with this one. It's a very different superhero movie from The Dark Knight- a happy hodgepodge of a whole bunch of genres, witty dialogue (who knew a Barry Manilow song could be so funny? Oh wait...), and a lovable grotesquery of creatures that could only have sprung from the imagination of the gifted Guillermo del Toro- in other words, all-round rambunctious good fun :)

So as we were watching the credits roll, the name "Luke Goss" jumped out at me. He plays Prince Nuada in the movie and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out where I've heard the name before. Plus, it's not like I could recognize the actor behind all that make-up. It bugged me for a while and then I promptly forgot all about it until a couple of days ago when I decided to revist it again. And that's when I discovered why the name rings a bell. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Luke Goss circa 1988, a.k.a. one-third of the now defunct British boy-band (of sorts...), Bros!! I kid you not! To prove that this is all for real, check out what I found on YouTube- their incongruous "When Will I Be Famous" video:

Talk about aging gracefully (so rare for '80s stars...)- how did the dude get from this:

to this:

to this??


Dark Orpheus said...

Luke Goss is into playing monsters these days. He's also the vampire-that-feeds-on-vampire in Blade 2. Which was also directed by del Toro.

In Blade 2 he was also a vampire prince with a royal sister who helped to vanquish him.

Luke Goss is doomed to play kinslaying prodigal monster-princes with incest hang-ups. *tsk tsk*

the terrible child said...

the photo with him and the other guy in the leather-tacked vest is like so gay!