Sunday, August 31, 2008

Look at what Shure sent me ...

I proudly announced in Sept.'07 that I got a pair of Shure E2C sound isolating earphones. And it has been my go-to earphones ever since. I like the fact that it isolates external noise - this was indispensable for the long flights home to Singapore. Also, I really liked the way the earphones stay secure in your ears no matter what you were doing - my old earphones always got painfully yanked out of my ears when I was at a weight machine or on the treadmill in the gym. And besides, for $39, the sound quality was unsurpassed by any other similarly priced earphones out there.

Hence, I was very sad when the cables of the earphones started cracking. I am not sure what the causes the cracked cables but this is a problem that has been experienced by many and is well documented on the internet. And going by the advice that I was given online, I only had to fill out a web form, include my original receipt and ship my damaged earphones back to Shure. And given the 2 year warranty covering the earphones, Shure will repair or replace my earphones. I did that last week, and guess what arrived at my doorstep yesterday ...

It's a slightly different model than the E2C. The Shure SCL2 is the professional version of the old model. From what I gather on the web, this model features some improvements over the E2Cs - an improved and more flexible cable and an improved driver to deliver crystal clear sound. I have to admit that I don't hear the difference yet, but apparently there's a burn-in period for this earphones. So, I am just running all sorts of audio on it to get the drivers in shape. But thus far, I am very happy with the service I got from Shure and the performance of the earphones. I was a little worried about what Shure was going to do with my damaged earphones as they've discontinued the E2Cs with a more fancy (and also more expensive) SE range of earphones. But all in all, I have to say that Shure's customer service is unparalleled. Thanks Shure :)

Now, if only I can justify the purchase of the SE530 to Serene :)

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