Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who's your Perl daddy?

I am taking Lada Adamic's data munging class (officially titled SI601 - Data Manipulation and Analysis) this term and am learning lots. Check out what I managed to do this week - scrap our flickr contact list and display our contacts by the size of their contact list. Written in Perl, I am looking to extend the functionality of this script by looking at whether there's a correlation between the size of one's contact list (and hence audience) and the kinds of creative commons licenses they use. Hopefully with the extension of the script, I will be able to get data beyond just my contact list too :) Any suggestions or advice?

Oh yeah, from the many eyes visualization, it looks like 'Here is Katy' & 'Kevin Lim' are the big dogs on our flickr contact list. ;)


Stan D. said...

No wonder you're feeling sick, Jude. A lot like meth, Perl is very dangerous to your health and your sanity.

Seriously though, the camel book helps. Somewhat.

jude said...

Yup, I have the camel book. But think that I should spend more time on hashes :)

Kevin said...

I heard about IBM sharing their data mining resources... I've to skype you soon and learn some tips off you. I wanna play with some data too :)