Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The body doth protest too much, methinks...

I think falling sick is a body's form of protest, and man is my body protesting... I'm sick for the first time this year, and it literally hit me like a ton of bricks. I probably caught something at the tail end of our trip to NY and since we've been back, I'm been coughing, sniffing, coughing some more, wheezing, and more coughing. Residual jetlag plus the weather hasn't helped either, the weather in particular- I really don't remember it being this cold this time last year. Today was in the twenties (around -5C) and even though I'm resisting busting out the heavy wool coat before December, I think I might not have a choice.

A lot of it probably has to do with my body not having rested very well the past couple of months in general. Between training for the Half in September and October and then the hectic 2 weeks at home, I haven't slept properly and my body hasn't really had a chance to just be at rest. I had to skip yoga yesterday (which made me kind of sad) and I can't go to the gym with Jude later today either. Maybe I should give myself till after Thanksgiving to just be still and get better. Try to sleep in a little, take less caffeine, and be better to my body in general. Waiting till after Thanksgiving will also mean greater motivation to hit the gym after all the indulgent, mindless eating that's in store- deep-fried prime rib, here we come! :)

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