Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet, happy day!

In the end, it was a wedding less defined by the handmade invitations, or the thoughtful favours, or the gorgeous flowers, or the amazing attention to detail in every aspect of the celebration; what made it the lovely wedding that it was, was heart. It was the love and affection that went into every surprise planned (!!), every speech spoken, every thanks given, and every congratulations shared that gave it real depth and meaning.

My dear sister got married this weekend. And it was beautiful... :)

1. Reception table flowers, 2. 5am in the morning, 3. Helping Jill with her hair, 4. The bridesmaids, 5. Fixing the flower girl's garland, 6. Wedding vows, 7. Dad & the happy bride, 8. Giving my speech, 9. "You may now kiss the bride", 10. Poppers surprise!, 11. Kekex surprise :), 12. Profiterole tower, 13. Dad and Mom as I've never seen them before, 14. Champagne pouring, 15. Teary Mom, 16. Us

Highlights of the church ceremony here:

Piao Zhou & Sherri from Bernard Teo on Vimeo.


Big Sweetie said...

How beautiful :) You know your Dad and Mom look just like they did when I met them some 15 years ago... THey have not aged one bit! Sam is so grown up now... I remember the kindergartner running around your house. Congrats to you and your family.

serene said...

Thanks, Teresa! Yup, the wedding was lovely, and a whole lot of fun! Yeah, Dad & Mom haven't changed much, but Sam... don't get me started. She's growing up to be quite a heartbreaker, and that worries me man... ;)

So when's Little Sweetie arriving? It's gotta to be soon now, no? How are you feeling?