Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tune of the week: Alfie - People

How have I not heard of Alfie?

Alfie were a short lived (2000 - 2005) but much loved band hailing from Manchester. Love this description of the band on their last.fm page:
"none of these albums sold particulary well so the band did their best and put together their 4th long player, ‘crying at teatime’. this record was much bolder but still bore their, by now familiar, lacadaisical, unpretentious, soothing, yada, yada, yada sound, soooo… as this was supposed to be their debut into the pop world everybody decided that it was all much too odd, all round, so they did the decent thing, (rather than bending to the celebrity ruled world of a.o.r.) and split up."
I have not carefully listened to Alfie's other output yet, but I do love this track - having found it on the edition of Late Night Tales' compilation featuring tracks chosen by The Flaming Lips.

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