Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby names conversations

At Borders a couple of weeks ago:
Serene: So it says in this book that it's always iffy to name children after celebrities.
Jude: You mean like Benicio? I like Benicio.
Serene: Benicio Yew???
Jude: No, Benicio del Yew.
Serene: His last name is del Toro. I don't think del is part of his first name.
Jude: I like Benicio del. Or maybe Gus van.
Serene: as in Sant?
Jude: No, Gus van Yew.

Last night while falling asleep:
Serene: What about Liam if it's a boy?
Jude: But that's so Celtic. We're not English. And if it's a girl? Sinead?
Serene: Hahaha, or Siobhan.
Jude: And then they're going to join Riverdance?

I foresee naming our baby to be a long, painful, process... :) Coincidentally, Jude then found this article on BBC News today: 'Most unfortunate names revealed'.


Tym said...

Benicio! Spell pro'pry :)

Yeah, I saw the BBC article too. With a last name like Yew, I think you must name your child vewy, vewy carefully!

serene said...

hehehe... i literally *just* spotted that mistake too! thanks! :)

yes, the Yew last name makes it doubly tough- imagine, "Sue Yew", "Paige Yew", or "Tess Yew"...

penguin said...

Maybe "Leekuan" would make him an MM someday, or something ;)))

Jude, remember Gilardo? Maybe the name "Andy" will make your kid do 42 chin ups easily!

- chek

Anonymous said...

I would recommend avoiding names that will cause the baby to be known as F. Yew. Or even Firstname F. Yew.

Deepfry said...

definitely not P. Yew!

penguin said...

Anyway, have fun thinking of names, guys! I remember the time I named my two little ones.
- chek

Amy W Cook said...

I asked Finn what you should name the baby. His answer was:

Cash Register Yew.

So there you go. The answer from a four-year old. :-)

Dot said...

Ooooh. The naming debate is very exciting. I wish you both the best of luck! Jay and I kept separate lists of our top names, and we would huddle and have discussions every few days/weeks or so. You may find it can be the most democratic (or not!) process. But at least we had a few ground rules. Nothing too fancy that people can't spell!!!

And good luck with the caffeine withdrawal. I had tea once in a while.

the terrible child said...

i love the bbc article! btw i;ve had my fair share of name teasing:

(points to my wrist)- that being a terriwrist
what japanese food does terri like? terriyaki
when terri dies, she gets buried in a cemeterri
if she's unhygienic, she's unsaniterri

and those ones on my territory and me being terrible or terrifying, but never terrific. the worse is being associated with canines- terrier. :P