Sunday, March 08, 2009

Not a Facebook poke

SO- I may or may not have felt the baby move last night. Jude and I were watching the Season One marathon of Breaking Bad when I felt a bit of an ache in my abs. Not like a sharp stabbing pain, but it sure was uncomfortable. Maybe it was the baby's way of protesting that I was unglamorously and awkwardly slouched over a throw blanket and two pillows. Apparently the kiddo's limbs are developing fast this week so perhaps it needed to make that known, like a polite "Erm... excuse me mom, but I'm kinda growing in here and you're squishing me" poke.

Or it could have been the little one reacting against my decision to have a triple Blimpy burger with grilled onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, mayo, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, and a side of veggie fries at 4 in the afternoon (Yes, it would seem that my appetite is back with a vengeance of epic proportions...). In which case, it was probably a less benign "Good god, woman! You sure this much grease is OK for me?" jab.

Or maybe it was just indigestion... ;)

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