Monday, April 13, 2009

Bat for Lashes - Daniel

Again, lagging behind the curve on new music, I only just heard of Natasha Khan's music pseudonym - Bat For Lashes (BFL). According to her wikipedia entry, she's rather big across the pond winning a variety of awards in the breakthrough and new artist categories. She's released a new album this year called Two Suns and the georgeous track below, "Daniel", is the first single off it.

The first impression of the song is that she really reminds me of Kate Bush or Imogen Heep. But BFL does have her own sensibilities and aesthetic, as evidenced in an older track "What's a girl to do" below:

Does she also look like a much "edgier" Lily Allen? Love the coordinated Animals on BMXs :)


Dark Orpheus said...

I doubt you lag that much behind new music, Jude. But Bat for Lashes is fun fun fun. Though I thought the "Daniel" video was a little odd. That's her sensibilities, I guess. Like if Bjork and Kate Bush had a love child.

The clapping animals on bikes is also sort of weird. :D

Did I mention I adore her music and is displeased that they do not have her new album in Dubai? ARGH!

jude said...

heh - lovechild of Bjork and Kate Bush - if I could be the illegitimate lovechild of any couple I would choose those two ... then I can justify odd social quirks as being inherited from my mothers ;)