Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Build-Baby's-First-Library Shower

1. 30 books!, 2. With a garland of pacifiers, 3. Reading "Olivia", 4. Cutting my shower cake, 5. With Christina, 6. With Lillian and Christine, 7. My shower cake, 8. Enjoying the company, 9. Non-book gifts

So this afternoon, my friend Tanya threw me a shower with the folks in my research project office. We do research into early literacy development and so she thought it would be a great idea to have a Build-Baby's-First-Library theme shower where everyone would bring one or two of their favorite books as gifts. Jude and I really love the idea and it was made all the more wonderful by the knowledge that they would be really good books because everyone on the project is in one way or another knowledgeable about the kinds of books that are both fun and good for little children. On top of that, many people also brought books that held a special meaning for them-- the first book they read to themselves, their favorite book from their childhood, a book whose main character reminded them of themselves, etc.-- and so when it was time for me to open the presents, everyone had something interesting to share about why they brought the books that they did.

Being gifted with these books means a lot to me. I love the fact that even before our little girl is born, she already has a library of 30 wonderful books, many of which are going to last her for years to come. Our daughter may not grow up with the fanciest, hottest, loudest, or flashiest toys that everybody wants, but she will have wonder, joy, awe, adventure, fantasy, and merriment all the same.

She will have books :)
You may have tangible wealth untold.
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
But richer than I you can never be –
I had a father/mother who read to me.
— Strickland Gillilan


Anonymous said...

Books are the most wonderful gifts. The stories stay with you and enrich you for a lifetime.

Will you sharing the books titles?

Just curious:)

serene said...

Well, there are 30 books so I won't list them all but some of them include:
- Guess How Much I Love You
- Goodnight Moon
- Olivia
- Jamberry
- Five Little Monkeys
- Hug
- The Very Hungry Caterpillar
- The Very Busy Spider
- Are You My Mother?
- Chicka Chicka 1-2-3