Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our little girl's tunes III: Her own iTunes iMix playlist

Just based on the last few times we've put the headphones on my belly and the countless occasions during which she's kicked responsively when I was just listening to music in general (like *right now*...), we've come to the conclusion that the little chipmunk might just really enjoy music :) And since one of the things we registered for is a Fisher-Price DwellStudio bouncer with its own iPod connection, we thought it might a cool idea to make her her own iTunes iMix playlist (on top of the several albums we've already set aside for her- see here, here, and here.) Think of it as a mix-tape for the 21st century ;) We're also contemplating burning it into CDs as a thank-you gift for our showers.

Less music for her, but also music about her and about us already being in love with her, the collection is a mix of some of our favorite songs. I didn't want anything cheesy like "Butterfly Kisses" or predictable like "Isn't She Lovely" which is why many of the tracks probably aren't conventional in terms of baby songs. But they each carry our hopes and wishes for her, whether it's that she'll always remember the infinity of our love for her no matter how fallible we know we are and will always be, that she will blossom and grow up strong in spite of adversity and unhappiness, or that she will always see all that is beautiful and magical in the world she's about to come into.


Dot said...

I love love love Nightswimming.

Congrats on reaching third trimester!

serene said...

Thanks, Dot! And Nightswimming is my all-time favorite R.E.M. song!! :) So lovely...