Friday, July 17, 2009

Last hurrah

So Jude and I are off to Chicago tomorrow for our last couple vacation before Baby arrives- my friend, Julie, calls it our "babymoon" :) We've been looking forward to this for a while now- a combination of taking a break from work and all the baby prep, enjoying some "us" time in one of our favourite cities in the summer, and making our annual pilgrimage the Pitchfork Music Festival which we've attended every year-- except last year-- since it's inauguration. Everyone thinks we'll be able to score prime spots from which to watch the bands because of my "delicate condition"- no one wants to be that jerk who gets in the way of the pregnant woman wanting to see Yo La Tengo up close... ;) We also managed to land a really awesome deal (40% off regular rates!!) at the Intercontinental Hotel Chicago right on Michigan Avenue off Hotwire, which only makes the trip all the sweeter.

There's too much about Chicago that we love to describe here but on this trip, apart from Pitchfork (see sample playlist of the bands playing below), we're also hoping to hit the Art Institutes of Chicago to visit their new wing. It's been years in the making and Jude and I have always loved their amazing collection. In particular, I'm eager see Chagall's America Windows again. Kept in storage as the new wing was being constructed, I remember how it took my breath away the first time I saw it.

We've of course also planned several food stops: an old trusty favorite- La Pasadita for their blow-our-minds, knock-our-socks-off tacos, and a new adventure- Hot Doug's for foie gras hot dogs and duck fat fries. Yes, yes, you read that right, foie gras hot dogs and duck fat fries :) I probably can't have the foie gras but potatoes fried in duck fat- man!...


Deepfry said...

hey, i'm so bummed i'll miss you in chicago. i am, however, very excited to bike across iowa, so it all works out. anyhoo, some other restaurants to consider:

1. Manny's Coffee Shop: jewish deli in the South Loop. Get a ruben or cornbeef on rye. Ask for a chocolate phosphate at the drink counter--it's seltzer water with chocolate syrup.

2. If you're WAYYYY up north (i.e. on Devon) you should go to La Unica, the cuban grocery store with the awesome cafe in the back of the shop for killer cuban sandwiches and everything else, too.

3. AND you should hit the indian neighborhood. we always go to Hema's Kitchen. I also like Mysore Woodlands.

4. If you're looking for a fun old-timey Chicago experience, try Margie's Candies, which is in the Wicker Park/Bucktown/west of downtown area. It's an old school ice cream fountain shop. I'm pretty sure my dad went there as a kid.

That's it. I'm sure there's more but since you didn't ask and you'll probably be completely overwhelmed by the music festival, I figure this should do. I can't resist the urge to make restaurant recommendations. It's the librarian in me -- I MUST share useful resources!!!

serene said...

Thanks for the generous recs, Deepfry! Hope you're having fun in Iowa :) We ended up not having much time exploring outside of what we had planned just because of the concert schedule but we'll definitely keep your recommendations aside for the next time we visit Chicago- hopefully we'll be able to catch up then!