Thursday, August 13, 2009

What do babies dream of?...

Mmmm... boobies...

I wonder if they'll crown me Princess Poopypants Face? Daddy calls me that all the time.

Mmmmm... is it dinner time? Mmmmmilk...

More burping please.


More milk please. Please... Please people!

I love to sleep.

Did I say I love to sleep. And feed.


Mmmm... boobies.


Dot said...

Now you totally understand why we called Ruby POOPY and HER POOPINESS for the longest time! We now have to stop it because she's understanding and copying!

Rachael said...

The features in her face are so well defined and clean lined already- some babies don't have fully formed faces at this age.

Beautiful little nose and smiling mouth as she's dreaming away. ;-)