Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All wrapped up

Loving the Moby!
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We're not sure if it's a developmental thing or if it's just general fussiness but for the past 10 days or so, Sophie's been having difficulty sleeping at nights. Specifically between the hours of 10pm- 2am, she's either really fussy and cries uncontrollably, or just wants to be awake and play. She's also taken to wanting only to fall asleep in our arms and doesn't like it when we put her down. It's odd because she's so very sweet in the day- playing, feeding, and sleeping without much fuss. We spoke to Dr. Youssef, her pediatrician, who says that this will pass by 8-10 weeks-- the night-crying especially-- and that for now, we should just do what we can to soothe her when she fusses and pick her up whenever she cries. Despite popular belief, in the first 3 months, there really is no such thing as spoiling a baby. Besides, it's hard for me not to pick her up when she cries so badly- it's like a small part of me dies a little every time I hear her plaintive wail...

So to get round her not sleeping, we've started using the Moby Wrap to soothe her into a deep sleep first early in the night and then transferring her to her crib later. The wrap keeps my hands free so I can still do some work when she's inside. She already loves it as it is- she sleeps extremely well and long in it, and it comforts her because she's so close to our bodies. Actually I think it comforts me, knowing that she's warm and secure, listening to my heartbeat lulling her to sleep. Invariably, she's also always clutching on to my blouse with her tiny hands whenever she's inside and that always makes my heart sing a little... :)


Anonymous said...

today was a good fall day in Chicago. reading your post and sitting here listening to the wind outside inspired a picture in my head of the three of you, with sophie carried by one of you in the moby, walking through downtown ann arbor, maybe visiting the farmers market or going to brunch at cafe zola. looking like the adorable new parents that you are. mmmm....this is the best time of year in ann arbor.

serene said...

That's such a sweet sentiment, Eliz- thank you! And not too far from the truth actually :) The past two days have been unseasonably cold though, even for AA in Sep, but we're looking forward to when things settle down a little and we can be out and about more to enjoy the Fall colors. I can imagine how pretty things are in Chicago too!