Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sophie by any other name...

...would be as sweet :) What is it about giving babies nicknames? We call Sophie by her given name, of course, but from birth, she's also acquired her fair share of pet names we've come to use:

Peanut: Her first nickname used by almost everyone who saw her-- the nurses, especially-- that first two days in the hospital. At the rate that she's growing, we're not going to be able to call her that for much longer though.

Princess Poopypants: Given to her by Daddy for the sheer volume of dirty diapers she was producing in her first week. She continues to make that name proud today...

En En: Derived from her Chinese name, we call her that once in a while just so she gets used to the sound of her other name.

Susu monster: "Susu" means milk in Malay. Sophie feeds really well which also means that she wants her milk when she wants it and will let it be known to the world when she doesn't get her meal. Because of her ravenous appetite, the nickname susu monster was born.

Milky Spice: This is fairly self-explanatory although it's not only because of Sophie's milk addiction. She's also familiarizing herself with moving her arms and legs and so it often looks like she's dancing while lying down. In an alternate universe, she could be a pop sensation in the making.

Ang Ku Kueh: A traditional Chinese sticky confection stuffed either with bean paste or peanut, we've taken to calling Sophie ang ku kueh because every time she stretches, her faces turns a shade of red from the blood flooding her teeny facial capillaries. Plus her cheeks are growing delightfully chubby, turning her face round and confection-like :)

Sweet sweet: What Grandma's been calling her. As much a description of our precious little girl as a throwback to the last baby in our family-- Sam-- 16 years ago. Sam's Chinese name sounds like "sweet" in Chinese and because we used to call her sweet sweet when she was little, my mom started calling Sophie that too.

Siew Mai: Another food-related nickname (with parents like us, are you surprised?...). This has to do with Sophie's faux-hawk that makes her look like a little dim-sum dumpling. I actually think this might be her most endearing nickname yet :)


Debra said...

Susu monster, hahaha! She's plumping out nicely - Looking forward to meeting sweet Sophie at the end of the year :)

Anonymous said...

I like ang kukueh! but somehow I think it will never stick. We used to call my daughter snowy-pinky, but it didn't stick too. ;)

- chek

the terrible child said...

siew mai rocks. i mean, she comes after a whole generation of koh females bearing siew in their names! sophie can definitely "siew-mai", and then we can have a "siew-longbao", not forgetting a "char-siew" too....

btw siew-mais aren't dumplings!