Friday, January 01, 2010

Our year in Sophie

1. Sushi!, 2. Yew(s) are..., 3. Yew(s) are pregnant!!!, 4. Ultrasound, 5. Journaling to Baby before bed, 6. @ 23 weeks, 7. 30 secs in this world, 8. First of many family portraits, 9. Is that a smile?, 10. The doting grandparents falling in love, 11. This is how a one-month old looks like :), 12. Hanging out with her new friend, Moosey, 13. In Daddy's arms, 14. IMG_7080, 15. IMG_7140, 16. The whole family!

A year ago tonight, I celebrated New Year's Eve 2008 with Jude and our friends over copious amounts of spicy tuna sushi and champagne. The next day, on New Year's Day 2009, we found out we were pregnant. And my first thought? That I had irreparably poisoned our unborn child with all that alcohol and raw fish...

A year later, Sophie is a delightful 12lbs bundle, with lungs of steel and a smile that can put a song in your heart. And none the worse for wear from her mother's indulgence 355 days ago. From that day on, Sophie has been the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's the gift of nausea when she was a 2-month fetus, her first kick at 4 months, intestinal acrobatics at the Sonic Youth concert at 7 months, rendering me practically immobile at 8 months, or the 23-hour labor leading up to her birth, we knew Sophie was going to be a feisty one, even as a fetus. And now, as an almost 5-month old, she brightens up our days and (literally) livens up our nights. Our peanut is no longer a peanut, her cries, no longer whimpers (not that they ever have been), and when she looks into your eyes, it's not with the blankness of a mere creature in need, but with a deep human awareness and desire for communication and affection.

Our lives will no longer be the same because of her, because of our love for her, and hopefully, her love for us. She's the most precious, special, and profound thing 2009 has bestowed on us and we will always remember this past year as the most beautiful 12 months of our lives.

Thank you 2009, you've been great :)


Jenn Thom-Santelli said...

Oh, these pictures are so awesome! I still remember when Josh & I bumped into you guys buying the onesie at REI that winter, last year. Then, I think we sort of browbeat you guys into telling us why you were buying it :)

serene said...

I remember that day very well :) You and Josh were the first few people apart from family we first told about Sophie. And funny thing is, even though that onesie was probably the first outfit we bought for her, we actually haven't gotten round to putting her in it yet!