Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sophie goes to daycare

I think it was harder on us than it was for her. I held my tears in till we got in the car and Jude admitted that he teared up a little too. It was the first time she would be apart from us both for such an extended period. But Sophie seemed just fine and dandy when we said goodbye- she was being held by Erin, her primary caregiver, had a chew-toy in her hand, and was probably too curious about her new surroundings to realize that she wasn’t going to see Mama and Daddy till 5pm.

After dropping Sophie off, Jude and I went for breakfast- Date #2!- and in between mouthfuls of pancakes, all I could think of was if she was ok, whether she’d play well with her teachers and new friends, whether she missed us, or had any idea what this whole daycare business is. Then I got a phone call from Sandra, the other teacher in Sophie’s family room who just wanted to update us on how Sophie was doing: she assured us that Sophie was doing fine, snuggled with her teachers for a bit and was down for her nap already, right on time as if she were home. It was a welcomed phone call and reinforced in us that we made the right choice in sending Sophie to Gretchen’s House. I can now see why they come so highly recommended and why everyone we know who has had some experience with them loves them so much. They’re really committed to making both the children and families feel safe and comfortable. Like how we were greeted with a little poster welcoming Sophie to daycare and that reassuring phone call in the morning.

And when we picked her up in the evening, we saw on the door of the classroom a collage of pictures of Sophie throughout the day!

We even got a little report on the number of diapers she went through (1 wet, 4 poopy), how she drank her milk (finished all her bottles), and how her naps went (three 45 minute naps). This is what else her teacher wrote:

Sophie had such a great first day! We really enjoyed getting to know her and it seems like she really enjoyed her time here. Sophie snuggled her teachers and made sounds with the other babies. Sophie also explored the classroom toys and even went on a stroller ride through the school. See you tomorrow!

Sophie was in a great mood when we arrived, playing her Erin and rolling on the floor with her new friend, Lucy. We were told she did good on her first day and that after a little bout of anxiety waking up from her first nap and going slow with her first bottle, everything went smooth-sailing all day. We missed her so much and it was just wonderful to see that she was fine and happy while we were apart.

Like our friend Wendy said, it was an emotionally complex day- feeling sad and guilty for leaving her there, but also glad and comforted that she’s in such good hands and doing well away from us. At the end of the day, we think this is a good thing for everyone- Jude and I can get work done and graduate soon, while Sophie gets the developmentally appropriate interaction and stimulation she needs. We saw how much the month-long trip home and all that interaction with family and friends really helped Sophie’s maturity, especially her verbal skills, and we’re sure the awesome care she’s getting Gretchen’s House will be really good for her too.


Noor said...

Wow, that places sounds awesome!

I can't imagine what you guys went through! A few months ago, I had to drop off one of my cat's at the vet for an all-day dental cleaning and I was so so so worried (and guilty) about her the whole day. And that's "just" my cat! :)

the terrible child said...

i like how she's staring intently at your black pullover in the picture, probably thinking.... "black doesnt do anything for you dahlin'."