Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sophie vs. solid food- take one.

I'm not sure why organic rice ground down to a powder, then cooked into a puree with milk, counts as a solid, but apparently it is, and Sophie lapped it all up today :) Thanks to her Bumkins bib, two damp towels, an adorable feeding set from Debra, and our sturdy Stokke highchair, Sophie's first solid food experience was as fun (and hopefully satisfying) for her to enjoy as it was for us to watch. We knew our daughter would take to solid food easily, but no one told us how messily- the bib was practically eating as much rice cereal as she was and so our greedy little pumpkin was simultaneously trying to eat out of the spoon as well as off the bib... It was hilarious- you had to be there :)

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