Saturday, February 20, 2010

All better

Thanks to everyone who's been so concerned about Sophie and asking after her all this week. We're happy to report that our little punkin' is finally on the upswing. Even though she's still coughing and there's obviously still a bit of congestion going on, she's come a long way from the sniffly, teary, whimpering mess that she was early this week. It'll probably be another week or so before she's completely recovered but we'll take what we can get and right now, we're just glad to have Sophie operating at about 80% of her regular fabulous self. Most importantly, she's eating well (that bowl of sweet potato/apple/rice cereal didn't stand a chance against our daughter at dinner time...) and sleeping better than she's ever done before. Getting better is hard work and I guess Sophie's just needing all the rest she can get...

Welcome back, my love- Mama and Daddy have missed you!

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