Friday, February 12, 2010

Daddy's home

Daddy's home
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Jude's home. And all is good in the world again :)

I have to say, parenting alone these last 6 days has given me revived respect for single parents or people who raise their children without their partners nearby. I can only imagine the patience and fortitude it takes. It was a tad overwhelming, I have to admit, looking after Sophie alone, even with daycare thrown in. It didn't help that of all the weekends in Month 6, Sophie chose the weekend Daddy wasn't around to have her 6-month growth spurt AND to start teething. She was ravenous, nursing almost every 2 hours including through the night, was especially clingy and needy, and didn't sleep well. I was constantly hungry and thirsty from feeding her so much (during one of her naps, I swear I downed half a carton of juice and half a banana bread...) and thoroughly exhausted from her night wakings. During a particularly fussy 3am feeding when Sophie simultaneously tried to nurse while screaming her little lungs out from what I imagine were her gums aching AND after having already fed her 3 times since I put her down to sleep at 7.30pm, I thought I was going to lose it...

Thankfully, that went as quickly as it came and she was back to her normal feeding schedule after a day and a half. Her onesies have gotten a tad snug after the milk fest and she seems a little longer too... We have her 6-month check-up tomorrow so we'll see how much she's grown. The teething saga continued though and she was still a little fussy at bedtime. But for some reason, tonight's been a lot better- she's seems calmer almost and put herself to sleep after waking up crying. I'd like to think that she somehow gets that her Daddy's home and that things are back to normal. She was constantly craning her neck to look at Jude while I was nursing her before bedtime; it was as if she was checking to make sure that he was still around and not going anywhere anytime soon. Plus Daddy and her clocked in some good snuggles this evening when we came home after playgroup to find Jude waiting for us. She shot him the widest smile ever and it was so very, very sweet... Yes punkin', your Daddy's home :)

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