Monday, February 01, 2010

Our weekend

It was just one of those weekends- exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. On the yucky side, Jude and I both came down with a vicious stomach flu. Friday night saw me slouched in the bathroom, practically hugging the toilet as I threw my entire dinner out, and then some... Let's just say, macaroni tastes a lot better going down than coming up. I barely slept Friday night and was too queasy and weak to even support Sophie for her night feeds. Jude had to carry her and bring her to me in bed. We thought we might have to mobilize our emergency stash of breastmilk in the freezer since I couldn't keep anything- food or liquids-- down and was worried that I wouldn't be producing enough milk; but thank god, that never happened. I saw the doctor but she said there's basically nothing she could give me that wouldn't in turn affect Sophie so I just had to let my immune system kick in get me better on its own. And so the weekend saw Jude and I 1) eating a copious amount of toast which was the only thing that settled in our stomachs that didn't threaten to propel itself back out; and 2) sneaking in as much sleep as we could-- whenever Sophie slept, we all slept. As Jude said, "A family that naps together stays together..." ;)

On the plus side though, Sophie decided that this was the weekend to accomplish a whole bunch of exciting developmental milestones!: 1) She can now sit unassisted for a few seconds (!) before veering to one side and falling headlong onto her toes (then proceeding to chew on her sock...); 2) She's finally rolling from stomach to back, which makes me so relieved since she's been taking to sleeping on her tummy and at least now I know she can roll back if she needs to; 3) She's taking to solid foods ravenously like her parents always suspected she would; 4) She's now moved on to her Stage 3 Adiri bottles as she nears her 6-month birthday; and 5) We think she's comprehending our ASL sign for "up"- every time we're about to pick her up, we sign "up" so that she associates the sign with the action. She always looks intently at our hands so we hope she can soon sign that back to us whenever she wants to be picked up. We'll also be working on "milk" and "more"- wish us luck on that! Imagine how much I had to write on her chart when we dropped her off at school today just so her teachers can take note of them as she goes about her day :)

We're loving every second of Sophie turning 6-months- everyday is a discovery, some new thing she's doing- a new expression, some new sound, a new gesture, and of course the many, many smiles, giggles and cuddles she's been generously dispensing these past few weeks. It blows my mind just thinking of all the profoundly wondrous processes that are going through her little brain and body every second of the day as they help her mature. It must take so much out of her. Just getting over a bug knocked her Mama out the entire weekend but our pumpkin not only accomplished so much but still managed to stay beautiful and adorable while doing it! Go sunshine- you rock our world!

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Naomi Goldberg said...

How's the ASL going now? I'm SO fascinated, but I get how to "teach" them to sign a little more now that I've seen Libby "train" our puppy.