Friday, February 26, 2010

This is our daughter

This is our daughter. We love her to bits. She can sit up on her own. She loves her chew toys. She appreciates cauliflower more than her mother does. She loves to suck on her toes. She hates peas. She gets distracted by flashing screens. She blows raspberries. She has not encountered anything she did not try to put in her mouth first (including our shower curtain, her father's glasses, and her mother's nose). She screams. She weighs 16 pounds. She thinks rolling from tummy to back and back again should be an Olympic sport. She's getting her 6-month shots tomorrow. She has no hair. She gives good snuggles. She loves to take baths. she doesn't understand why socks are not ingestible. She smiles and we are putty in her hands.

This is our daughter. We love her to bits :)

1 comment:

the terrible child said...

how can she like cauliflower?? HOW??