Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss..."**

It's amazing what a moment of inspiration and an iPhone can capture. While we were waiting for the nurses before Sophie's 6-month shots, we randomly took this photo on Jude's iPhone as Sophie was pressing herself up against the window. We just used the regular camera function, no fancy app and we didn't even tweak the photo after. We love how it came out- the effect of the reflection and how it almost seems as if Sophie's palms are illuminated, almost glowing. It also captures our daughter's cheekiness and need to put everything into her mouth (or close to it anyway...) to a T. Yup, this is Sophie in a nutshell :)

Anyways, I was so proud of our serendipitous photographic accomplishment that on a whim, I entered the photo in the Parents.com photo competition. I'm not really sure how it works or even what the prize is- I think it's either a shot at the cover or a year's supply of diapers or something (we'll take the diapers please, thank you very much...). I had totally forgotten about it until they sent me an email this afternoon to say that the photo's been selected to be in the running to become a weekly winner on Parents.com Photo Faves! Again, I'm not sure what that entails, but as long as it involves winning some baby necessity or a Target/ Babies R' Us gift card, I'm hoping we win! Help us keep our daughter's butt clean and dry with all that potential free dipes and wipes and vote here!

** For those of you so inclined-- I'm talking specifically to you Lit-geeks out there who should be able to do this even if you were unconscious- you know who you are...-- you can guess where this quote comes from :)

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Suzanne said...

That's a truly beautiful picture of Sophie - she's absolutely glowing there :) (**Romeo and Juliet!)