Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As I watch Sophie hit all her developmental milestones like crawling, pulling herself up, jabbering syllabus, and understanding and expressing the concept of possession (you just try taking away that mail order catalog she was chewing on... watch her go all Kiri Te Kanawa on you), together with a fierce maternal pride is also a profound sense of wonder and amazement at this thing called Development. How did our teeny, vulnerable 5lb 12oz peanut turn into the fearless crawling machine zipping across our living room? Every time I watch her accomplish something new, I imagine the neurons and synapses in her tiny, powerful brain firing away, with new and wondrous connections being made every minute. She's understanding things like how moving her arms and legs in synchronicity will take her one direction or the other, or that if she drops the TV remote on the floor, it makes a sound, or when she reaches out to pick up a puff with her thumb and index finger, she can then move it into her mouth and taste it. Mobility, cause and effect, feeding ourselves- these are all things we as adults take for granted. But for Sophie, it's a new discovery each time. And each time, another piece of this huge complex and beautiful puzzle called Growing Up snaps into place...

Oh how wonderful :)

And just because no post is complete without a random photo of Sophie, here she is trying to pull herself up on the high chairs in school yesterday :)

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the terrible child said...

looks like a koala to me!