Sunday, May 30, 2010

And we're here!

After four days in our rental apartment here in Santa Clara, we've finally unpacked our last piece of clothing and put our luggage away for the next three months. We're still sort of settling in but pretty much everything's where it's supposed to be and working. Most importantly, Sophie's sleeping in her new crib as well as we could have hoped for and honestly, that was the thing we were most concerned about- that the move wouldn't disrupt her schedule too much and that she'd take to her new surroundings well. And she has :) I'm not sure if it's the combination of her maturing, curiosity about all the new things she's encountering, having us with her 24/7, or our enthusiasm and excitement about being here rubbing off on her, but our little punkin' has just been in the most awesome of moods this past week. She was on her best behavior on the plane (smiling and sleeping at all the right times) and was less affected by the 3-hour time difference than we were. So far, she's enjoyed the sights and sounds of San Francisco, spent a nice afternoon frolicking around Palo Alto and Stanford, met our old friends from our Masters program, and made some new friends in the form of Dave and Jen's twins, Blake and Jared, and their 4-year-old, Dylan!

Sophie has just been a real trooper these past few days as we got our act together with the apartment- we've been literally schlepping her everywhere like Target to get all the household essentials and Trader Joe's for groceries (it felt really odd stocking up a pantry and fridge from scratch...). She's can be quite independent when she wants to be and while she's become increasingly attached to us both-- needing to snuggle and be held often-- she's also more than happy to explore the new apartment quietly while we unpacked or sit in her high chair and stuff her face with her beloved puffs...

We'll need to pack the apartment a little more before it's photo-ready but we've been dutifully documenting all the fun we've been having so far so enjoy!

1. Watching the clouds, 2. Back-packing the carseat + overstuffed diaper bag, 3. @ Tartine - Lemon Cream Tart, 4. Going on the Golden gate bridge, 5. The day my mom's head turned into a glowing ball, 6. Sophie enjoying some Stanford grass, 7. Our first (of many) Californian sushi meals, 8. Sophie snuggling with Uncle Dave, 9. In Dave & Jen's backyard

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