Sunday, June 06, 2010

A gift from us to her

It was a big day for Sophie yesterday- she saw the Pacific Ocean. In fact, we walked right up to it. And I think our daughter expressed the appropriate sense of awe, wonder, and amazement befitting the occasion.

I could almost see in her face and into her little mind as she took in this whole new thing she was not just looking at, but experiencing with all her senses- that seemingly infinite expanse of water, the sound of rolling, crashing waves, the ocean breeze in her face, and that salty scent in the air. It was majestic, gorgeous, and awe-inspiring, and Sophie quietly and carefully took it all in. I'd like to think that today, her parents helped her create a whole new category of images in her mind- one that isn't confined merely to people, streets, or the inside of buildings; but one that is larger, grander, and more profound.

Welcome to a bigger World, Sophie. It's waiting for you.

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