Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The 12 months of Sophie

This post was going to be about all the prep we've gotten ready for Sophie's party. I was going to write about the things we've planned, organized, and prepared, reserved, ordered, and bought. But that's not really what the party is about, is it? People aren't going to be there because they want to eat cupcakes or play with balloons; they're going to be at the party because they want to help us celebrate Sophie. It's all about Sophie. And so this post-- like so many, many posts in the past 52 weeks-- is about Sophie herself. Our peanut. Our punkin'. Our precious...

To remember her first year, I put together a bunch of our favorite photos and videos of her over these past 12 months- some capture milestone moments, others are a little more mundane. I had fun creating the slideshow-- a little too much, I have to admit. I also got teary-eyed more than once- remembering seeing her for the first time and falling in love, remembering that profound, overwhelming swell of adoration which I didn't think could possibly deepen but continues to everyday since then; looking at how her features have changed over the year, but in some ways stayed almost exactly the same; smiling at all the memories of where and when each photo/video was captured; and thinking over and over and over how lucky we are to be blessed with the funny, happy, loving child that Sophie has grown into.

And so here, in under 3 minutes, I give you "Sophie in 12 Months":

[Song: "Sophie Roux" by lady danville]


the terrible child said...

c'est magnifique! j'adore sophie yew! ;)

sam said...

its not possible to watch this and not cry!!!!! yiyi sam loves Sophie! (:

Felicia said...

simply beautiful and tear-inducing!
happy birthday dear sophie...and well done, serene and jude! you 2 have survived the 1st year and are the best parents anyone can ask for!