Saturday, August 28, 2010

For Dad and Mom

I now have the title track of Ni Hao Kai Lan, a Nick Jr. cartoon ringing ceaselessly in my ears. Apparently, 45 minutes worth of Kai Lan is what it takes to soothe the savage beast that is a one-year old with a stomach flu. Sitting Sophie in front of the computer with the cartoon playing on and on was the only way she would even let me close to feeding her the Pedialyte she needed. And even then I had to deal with her struggling and fighting me with each sip. All she wanted was the thinned-out sweet potato rice porridge I had made which I would have been happy to give her but I was afraid it didn't have as much nutrients as the Pedialyte. Plus I didn't want to overtax her sensitive tummy. Poor baby, she was so hungry and thirsty and couldn't understand why I didn't give her as much as she wanted all at a go...

Having said that, Sophie's on the mend now I think. She hasn't thrown out since the morning and was in higher and brighter spirits this evening.We took a long walk to the library which I think did her some good, what with the fresh air, seeing people walking their dogs (which she loves right now), and just being out of her PJs and the house after being cooped inside all day. She jabbered to herself on the way back which is always a good sign that she's slowly back to her usual chatty self. She even managed to muster the energy to be about as charming as she possibly could-- considering the circumstances-- to my sisters and Mom over Skype during dinner. There was smiling, laughing, and a little dancing even :)

Being sick is hard for a baby, and getting well, just as hard. She was out like a light by 7pm and looks set to sleep through the night like she did yesterday. I actually stood by her crib to watch her sleep a little after I put her down. She's lost some weight over the past two days- imperceptible probably, but not to her Mama. I wondered if I'll always ache this way when she falls ill and thought about all the times my parents must have been beside themselves with worry when I wasn't feeling well. Funny, nothing like having your own child to put your relationship with your parents in perspective.

Thanks Daddy & Mommy, for worrying when I was sick.

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