Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day in the Bay Area To-Do List

1) Send 60lbs of books back to Ann Arbor via Media Mail
2) Sell some of Sophie's books and larger toys at children's resale shop.
3) Pack. Majorly pack.
4) Last lunch at Cooking Papa.
5) Return exersaucer and food processor to Jen and also drop off some of our pantry stuff that we didn't get round to eating like dried pasta, canned tuna, beans, and soup.
6) Pack. Did I already mention pack?
7) Return library books.
8) Return rental car
9) Last pho dinner
10) Do laundry
11) Clear fridge and breakfast nook of half-eaten snacks, over-ripe fruit, and remnant desserts
12) Try not to feel too sad that we're leaving tomorrow... :(

1 comment:

Eric Cook said...

I can understand that you and Jude might be sad, but we're going to be happy to have you back!