Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sunshine, cupcakes, bubbles, and balloons. It was a perfect day to turn one and Sophie lapped it all up. She basked gloriously in all the attention and relished being a little queen for the day (although in our house, she's queen everyday...).

[Hello, my faithful subjects...]

I think she was appropriately excited by the events of the day, although I don't think she knew that it was all for her.

[Woah... balloons. Cupcakes. Presents. I don't know what's going on but is this something we can do everyday?]

The cupcakes were delicious (not to the birthday girl, though... More on that later)

And after a few valiant attempts to light the candle-- which I think amused her more than anything else-- Sophie was all birthday awesomeness by beaming as she cut her cupcake. It was like it finally dawned on her that this was all about her!

[Stab, stab, stab!]

Oh, she was happy...

[I'm really happy, Dada!]

As for her vegan cupcake, let's just say she was more excited by is texture than its taste.

[Ooooh... you mean I get to stick my finger in and Mama's not going to swoop down and try to stop me?]

I think she knew we were holding out on her by giving her a "fake" cupcake. Clever girl, this one...

[Hey, who's trying to pull a fast one? Red Velvet doesn't go with coconut-milk frosting...]

Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who's been such a huge part of her life this past year, near or far (you know who you are!). Thank you so much for helping us celebrate Sophie, whether in person or in spirit. She's a lucky girl to be growing up with so much affection around her and we know she will thrive and blossom because she will be secure in the knowledge that she is loved :)

There you have it, Sophie turned one and it was fantastic!

[Mama, I'm having a great time...]

For full set of photos and videos, see here.

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