Monday, August 16, 2010

What it means to be a one year old

Hi everyone! It's Sophie here. Since I last posted, I've turned one, which if you didn't know, is kind of a big deal. I'm a T-O-D-D-L-E-R now, and it's awesome- do you know they give you a car when you turn one? Look at me in my own zippy little car which is powered by the lowest emission fuel on earth, i.e. Mama. It's pink with unicorn wheels and plays fairy music when I hit the horn, which Daddy says is ridiculous because no one would make way for him in real life if our Hyundai horned fairy music on the freeway.

[Make way for awesomeness!]

Apparently, after you turn one, you get to do all sorts of exciting things, like eat dim sum. My parents-- Mama, especially-- got very excited at the restaurant so I guess it's special. Mama fed me some chee cheong fun (rice rolls) which was smooth and slippery and pieces of fluffy char siu bao (roasted pork buns). They were OK but didn't quite rock my world. The thing that really knocked my little socks off was the fish porridge! Woah... it was delicious and I ate so much of it (more than I ever do at home) that I think it made Mama kind of sad. She says maybe she should start adding something called MSG to my porridge like they probably do at the restaurant.

[Oooooh... so this is how real food tastes like...]

[I have impeccable table manners.]

Another thing one-year olds get to do is to go swimming! Mama and Dada have been promising to take me swimming since I was 6 months old and why they waited another 6 months before ever doing it is beyond me. Something about it being too cold in Michigan and worrying about my eczema- whatever... parents and their excuses. Wait till I ask them for a pony... They know I totally rock my bathing suit and keeping me away from the water is simply unjust. Look how happy I am to be in the water?


[I can't believe you've been depriving me of this much fun!]

So there- me, Sophie Yew. A one-year-old. Watch out world, I'm one, and I'm fabulous!

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dot said...

Oh lord, you sure are fabulous, Sophie! Tell your momma that she has to give in to the restaurant food vs momma food. I lost that battle a long time ago :(