Monday, November 29, 2010

Sophie meets Christmas Elmo

Sophie loves Elmo. With a fervor we don't comprehend. We've never deliberately introduced Elmo to her, or bought her Elmo toys, or showed her Elmo videos. It just happened that we have that ONE Elmo book (well, now two) and her toothpaste happens to have Elmo on the tube. And she loves him. With a deep and abiding love. So much so that she has gone from calling him Mo-mo to calling him by his proper name, "Elmo!" (yes, always with an exclamation- Sophie is not one to do things in small measures...)

And so imagine her glee when we encountered a singing Elmo at Borders this evening. And not just a singing Elmo, a singing Christmas Elmo which jives. And so what is an almost 16-month old to do in the face of a jiving, singing, Christmas Elmo? Well, jive along of course! (note that her dance moves are right now an eclectic combination of drunken sailor, hip-grabbing burlesque performer, and that nervous teenager who only knows how to bop up and down in the middle of the dance-floor. It's interpretive dance- we're working on it...)

And then she gets distracted by Ni Hao, Kai-Lan from the corner of her eye...


Jilly said...

Is Kai lan like veggie girl?

serene said...

Right??? That's what I thought too but no, there is not symbolism or irony in that name. Think about it, at least they didn't call her Kang Kong... :)