Thursday, December 23, 2010

Second sledding- much better, but I don't think we're quite enthused yet

In the end, even though Sophie gamely sat through her first sledding experience with her Yiyis and Mama with no cries or complains, she was probably most happy just sitting on the ground, playing with the snow and watching the fun her Yiyis and Uncle Piao were having from afar.

With a little more snow coming our way over the weekend, we're thinking of trudging out to the Huron Hills Golf Course and taking advantage of the steeper slopes there. It's a public course and open to everyone to sled in the winter for free. My dad is particularly thrilled at the prospect of sledding in a place at which he once golfed. Maybe with Gong-Gong in tow, Sophie might be able to muster a little more enthusiasm for this whole sledding business...


katiemom said...

heya, I'm just a visitor dropping by. Could you tell me what do you use for the photo montages you do? They are simple but nice. Thanks.

serene said...

hi there-
i use mosaic-maker from Big Huge Labs:

it's really easy to use, esp. if you already have an existing flickr account or have uploaded your photos onto facebook.

have fun!