Friday, February 11, 2011

Hi Mr. Squirrel

For as long as I can remember, there've always been squirrels outside our house. They're fearless- coming up close to you or remaining still even when you approach them. And in the last month of so, Sophie has developed a real interest in watching them. Every time we draw open the blinds to our glass door, she'll prop her pudgy hands against it and ask for "squirrel". We've even taken to buying sunflower seeds (which we tell her are nuts) and occasionally leaving handfuls of them outside so that the squirrel will return. Sort of like a pet. Just not in the house.

Well, this morning, to let some light into the house, I drew open the blinds and Sophie promptly runs to the door and asks for the squirrel. He's no where in sight which only makes Sophie press herself even closer to the door (we'll have to explain to her that this really isn't an enticement for the squirrel to appear). And then she turns up to me and says "nuss! nuss!" I had no clue what she was saying and kept trying to explain to her that Mr. Squirrel wasn't around. She looks completely exasperated and just keeps going "nuss! nuss!" Only then do I realize that she's asking for nuts! Not too bright, Mama... So I bring out our container of sunflower seeds, throw a couple of handfuls our the door, and lo and behold, in under 10 seconds, the squirrel appears. And you should have seen the look on Sophie's face- it was a mix of pride (this was my idea!), incredulity (you mean this really works???) and pure and utter joy (hi Mr. Squirrel!!).

I think her mind was officially blown... :)

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Dooks said...

"nuss, nuss"?? Speaking German already with no input of German, that's one smart cookie!