Friday, February 25, 2011

My Way

Conversation at lunch today:

Me: Sophie, porridge?
Sophie: Yesh.
[eats porridge happily for about 3 minutes]
Me: Water?
Sophie: No. No way!
Me: When did you learn how to say No Way?
Sophie: No way!
Me: No way?
Sophie: Way!
Me: Would you like some water?
Sophie: No way!
Me: Way.
Sophie: No way!
Me: OK, water, no way.
Sophie: Way!

And then at snack time:

Me: Sophie, guess what you're having for snack today? Raisins! [shows her the box of raisins]
Sophie: Raisins! No way!
Me: Seriously? No way?
Sophie: No way!
Me: Way.
Sophie: Way. Raisins...

1 comment:

the terrible child said...

she's an awfully precious young'un. -loves sophie!-