Monday, May 09, 2011

Mothers' Day means...

Sleeping in till 8.30 because Sophie, who obviously knew it was both a weekend and Mothers’ Day, decided to sleep in herself, giving me almost an extra two hours of shut-eye.

Spending the morning playing hide-and-seek where Sophie's idea of hiding is to crouch in the same corner of her room every time. And she's still always thrilled that I manage to find her (a lot of pretend not-seeing and feigned oblivion is involved...)

Involving Sophie in Sunday morning laundry. It was the load with her clothes which made it doubly fun (on top of being allowed in the basement which she almost never gets to go down into). She successful helped to unload the dryer, although there was a slight delay when she grabbed the crib sheet and blanket she uses in school and tried to take a nap on the basement floor. I would have gotten her to help me separate the colors and whites for our load but she got distracted by a box of her old toys and so that was the last I saw of Helpful Sophie for the day.

Trying on hats at Target. Because that’s what mothers and daughters do on Mothers’ Day. I dare say, we look fabulous- Sophie does anyway.

Trying on hats at Target

Doing our own little Mothers’ Day brunch at Panera where Sophie had chicken noodle soup and I had a cobb salad. She happily fed herself so that I could enjoy my salad without fussing over her. So thoughtful, this one…

Watching Sophie fall asleep smiling because she asked, “Mama kiss Sophie?” and I planted two fat ones on her cheek and nose.

Zipping through a chapter of Tina Fey’s Bossypants while Sophie napped. The woman is funny as hell and clearly a wonderful human being. Her ‘Prayer for a Daughter” is itself worth the price of the book. Note to self: must remind Sophie that her parents always painstakingly cut her grapes in half.

Enjoying the afternoon at Gallup Park- pushing Sophie on the swing, helping her fill her bucket with sand to build "snowman" (Sophie's all encompassing term for any structure built with substance found on the ground), guiding her down the big-girl slide by herself, and beaming with pride as she held her own in the sandbox. She was generous in sharing her sand toys but assertive, persistent, and polite in asking for them back.

Missing Jude because even though it’s Mothers’ Day, it’s just not quite complete when Dada is at a conference 3 time-zones away in a different country.


Saying a huge Happy Mothers’ Day! to my wonderful mom, without whom I wouldn’t be half the mother I am to Sophie today :)

With mom

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