Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What a difference a year makes...

Earlier last month, I posted something about how stoked Sophie was for Picture Day at school. Considering the catastrophic FAIL that was last year's class photo, we were just holding our breaths that this year's would turn out at least half decent so we can frame a couple up for the grandparents.

Fortunately, thanks to the excitement drummed up by her teachers and her heightened familiarity with cameras thrust into her face (thanks to the bigillion photos her parents take of her), this year's photo was a resounding success. Have you seen a child more happy and adorable? No. No, you haven't.

School picture 2011

Oh, and about that picture from last year... See for yourself.


olimomok said...

Haha, she looks so upset and sad in last year's pic! More than made up for it with her winning smile with the latest pic :)

See you guys in Dec! Have a safe trip back!

serene said...

Thanks, Debra! Yes, last year's photo was heartbreaking!... We'd love to catch up in December!