Friday, January 06, 2012

What did you do in Singapore?

In the car on the way home from daycare:

Me: So Sophie, can you remember what you did in Singapore?
Sophie: Err... I play with Yiyi Sam. And Uncle Sam. 
Me: And what else?
Sophie: I smoochy kiss Baby Julianne so she won't cry anymore. 
Me: That was nice of you, right?
Sophie: Yah. Baby Julianne is so tiny. She needs a floatie. Like Sophie.
Me: When you go swimming?
Sophie: Yes, I have a Shamu floatie. 
Me: What else did you do in Singapore?
Sophie: I eat SO MUCH  tau sar pau and I see the Merlion.
Me: What was the Merlion doing?
Sophie: Spitting water from his mouth. Are you supposed to do that?
Me: Are you supposed to do that?
Sophie: No. You cannot do that. I was 'fraid of the Merlion. But Gong Gong protect me.
Me: Do you like Singapore, Sophie?
Sophie: Yah. We stay in Singapore tomorrow ok? We take the airplane and go to Gong Gong's house tomorrow. That's a good plan.

Bye bye Singapore!
First family photo of 2012, last family photo of our holiday

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Jilly said...

:))) i miss you guys!!

and she really LOVES uncle sam huh...