Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who says you can't have fun when it's snowing out?

Unless it's extremely frigid out or if the snow is coming down too hard, Sophie spends some time outside everyday, even in the winter. That's what she does at daycare and that's what we do over the weekends as well. She just needs the fresh air and runabout time, even if it's cold. We tell her she can't be outside too long and she needs to wear her hat and gloves if she wants to go out (optional pieces of winter gear for our child if given a choice...) We got her new winter boots this year so she's been relishing stomping in the snow and slush- something she enjoys doing even more than sledding.

Everyone had their "favorite" food with toast
Tea party with Dodo and Tess

So this past weekend, after a rather delightful (if gastronomically eclectic) tea party where all present (including Jude and I) had the pleasure of being served "toast" with a side of "onions", "fish", "mushroom" and "candy", we bundled the munchkin up and headed outside.

1. Kiss break on the way up the climber, 2. Swing, 3. Ice at the end of the slide, 4. Letting the sensation set in :)

I sometimes wonder if it's worth the trouble for everyone to layer up the winter clothes just for 20 minutes outside; and then I see how much fun Sophie has and how much she savors every second of that time, and I remember why we do it each and every time :)

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