Thursday, February 09, 2012

I can't read!

As I was getting ready the other morning, I asked Sophie to pick a book to read while she waited for me. These days, this is our go-to thing for her to do whenever we need a small window of time to do something. She's always more than happy to spend time with her books and is usually happy looking through the pictures by herself. But that day, after a couple of minutes, she got upset and almost started to cry, and then she whined-- almost helplessly-- "I can't read the words, Mama. I can't read the words!"

I wasn't quite sure what to do or say- I was pleasantly surprised at her self-awareness and understanding of what it means to read (i.e. we read the words and not just the pictures) and sort of amused at how genuinely sad she was that she can't make out the words. So I asked if she wanted to learn how to read the letters and words and she nodded. And so begins Project Read in our house :)

Jude and I are both big readers and we've read to Sophie constantly since the day she was born. As a result, she really loves her books. And I'm not just saying that in a "I have to tell people this so they'll think I'm a good parent" way- Sophie honestly adores her books and loves to read (there have been times when she'd rather read than eat). And for that, I'm thankful. If I could choose one trait of mine that she would take with her to adulthood it would be this one. You cannot overestimate how a love for reading can change a life.

[Click for more photos of Sophie with her books]

1. Reading on the way to Costco, 2. Reading at Target, 3. At the orthotics clinic, 4. Early morning book with Grandpa, 5. Child-sized chintz reading armchair!, 6. Open flap, 7. Spending the morning with books from the library, 8. At Barnes and Noble, 9. I can read a book that's bigger than my face!

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