Friday, March 02, 2012

In lieu of a hug

As someone who's been in school for close to 23 years, I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about taking exams, and surviving them. And throughout my entire academic career, I've always considered the 'A' levels to be the hardest thing I ever had to do, the Ph.D. included. Writing the dissertation was a breeze compared to the months of studying, the excruciating build-up, and finally the grueling weeks of the actual 'A' levels exams themselves. It is not an experience I'd ever want to go through again and something I would never wish on even my worse enemy.

But having said that, it is (unfortunately) a critical aspect of many young Singaporeans' life, my baby sister non exempt. And yesterday, she demonstrated what it means to not just rock the exam, but how to take it to town and show it who's boss. She experienced one of the hardest things a Singaporean student has to undergo and did it with grit, gumption, and grace, and emerged with grades that surpassed even her own expectations of herself. Everyone in the family would have been proud of her regardless of how she did, but her stellar performance (and more importantly, what it represents-- all the hard work, sacrifices, and prayers) is just what she needs right now as she stands on the cusp of the rest of her life. So many more doors are now open with so many more possibilities, and all those hypothetical "maybe"s now replaced by attainable "whether"s.

Sam- you are AWESOME. And we are so very very very proud! This is your moment- embrace it. Own it.

I've missed Sam so much!!
Sam and I sharing a moment when the family visited in Christmas 2010

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