Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sophie post-stomach flu Day #3:
Energetic, happy, chatty, and with an appetite that is back with a vengeance- her dinner tonight included a huge bowl of udon noodles with soup, half a dozen strawberries, milk, and a handful of crackers, after which she starred into the empty dish and whined, "I have nothing left to eat... I'm still hungry, Mama." So I gave her a small serving of plain popcorn, which she obliterated in less than 5 minutes. Oh, and for breakfast this morning, she had two slices of toast (she usually only takes one). And then asked for more after.... Like I said, with a vengeance.

Serene post-stomach flu Day #1:
Slightly more energetic than yesterday, infinitely grateful for daycare so that she could stay home from work and sleep the day away, and with an appetite that hasn't quite come back yet- her dinner tonight included two slices of toast, some soup, one strawberry, and one errant popcorn that Sophie was barely willing to share. And for breakfast, one slice of toast less than her daughter. Like I said, not quite back yet.

Believe them when they say that the stomach flu bug is lethal.

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