Friday, March 09, 2012

Savor life

Mini-cupcake treat

It was a rare 60F (15C) March evening here in Ann Arbor and we couldn't bear to squander it by being indoors. So Jude suggested that we take Sophie for a sorbet treat after school. Unfortunately, the only sorbet flavor at Zingerman's yesterday was raspberry with chocolate chips and I didn't want to risk Sophie's dairy allergy with the milk that might be in it, dark chocolate or not.

Instead we got her a mini vegan cupcake with rainbow sprinkles. And honestly, I think she loved it more than she would have loved a scoop of sorbet. You should have seen her savor the thing- first slowly picking each individual sprinkle and licking it off her chubby fingers, then tentatively tasting the frosting, nibbling around the edges initially. It was like she wanted it to go on forever :) But the moment she took a first bite though, the mini-cupcake didn't stand a chance. It was gone in a blink. Kinda like this:

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