Sunday, April 15, 2012


Lately, Sophie has been keenly interested in her birth story and things that happened when she "was just a teeny tiny baby". "Can you tell me the story of when I was born, Mama?" she would ask, or we'd have to go through photos of her first year for the umpteenth time where I'd describe to her the story behind every photo exactly as I had already did the day before. And as a result, she can now tell us what she calls her "baby stories"; and even more funny, she talks about them as if she actually remembers these things happening. She's internalized everything we've told her to the point that they've become almost like real memories to her.

Sonic Youth @ Royal Oak
Example 1: We went to watch Sonic Youth in concert when I was 7 months pregnant. They were amazing but we had to leave early because Sophie started kicking me so hard mid-way through. We think she might have been bothered by the sheer volume of the music.
Sophie's version: "Remember when I was still in Mama's belly? You went to watch a concert and the music was too loud! I kicked Mama so hard. I'm sorry I hurt you, Mama. But the music was really loud!"

Example 2: I've lost count how many times I've told her our birth story (the abridged version, at least), particularly the parts involving being woken up by contractions, calling our mothers, and the whole pushing her out bit.
Sophie's version: "Remember when Sophie was born, Mama was sleeping and Sophie woke her up because I was kicking and kicking." "You call Grandma and Por Por and said, "Sophie is coming! Sophie is coming!""Mama push and she push, and she push, and then I pop out!"

30 secs in this world
30 seconds in our world
Example 3: Sophie was born 3 weeks early and weighed 5lbs 12oz (2.6kg). She was a really tiny baby and the nurses and doctors ended up calling her Peanut because of her size.
Sophie's version: "Remember, when Sophie was born, the doctors and nurses call me Peanut because I was a teeny tiny baby!"

First bath time
First bath at the hospital
Example 4: Sophie was not a happy camper when the nurse gave her her first bath the day after she was born. In fact, it was then that we knew we have a screamer on our hands...
Sophie's version: "When Sophie was a baby, I didn't want to take a bath. Remember, I cried so loud."

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