Monday, April 23, 2012

Seeking the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich

What do you like in your grilled cheese sandwich?

Jude and I were inspired by the cheese department at Whole Foods this weekend and decided to experiment with a slightly non-traditional take on the classic. We started with some good Zingerman's sesame semolina bread and then several kinds of cheese as recommended by the cheese guy at Whole Foods- a soft sheep's milk cheese for melting and a Parmesan/Asiago mix for flavor. I heeded the advice of Ruth Reichl, former editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine and former food critic of the New York Times and added some finely chopped scallions and garlic into the cheeses before building the sandwich for an extra layer of flavor. And a couple of slices of capicola ham, which i know, isn't technically traditional, but heck,  it tasted SO good :) As Reichl suggested, I generously buttered both sides of the bread, grated the cheeses (not sliced), and spread a thin layer of mustard inside for a slight tang to offset the richness of the bread and cheese.

Three minutes each side, some squishing of the sandwich in between, and lunch, was served.

Grilled cheese sandwich for lunch
Grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today

The result was crunchy, gooey, and deeply flavorful, all at the same time. Those alliums definitely made a difference to the cheese and the ham added another layer of deliciouness to just round everything off. That and a cup of tangy tomato soup- lunchtime nirvana I tell you :)

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