Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bye bye, Erin

Sophie with her primary caregiver, Erin
Erin with Sophie on the first day of daycare, 19 Jan 2010

With Erin
Erin with Sophie earlier this month, 5 June 2012

Erin's last day at Gretchen's House :(
Erin and Sophie today, Erin's last day at Gretchen's House

Today is Sophie's teacher, Erin's last day at Gretchen's House. She's moving to Nebraska so we've actually been swapping notes about our moving woes... Erin's been Sophie's primary caregiver from the very first day Sophie started daycare and the two of them have developed quite the special bond. In fact, if Sophie had it her way, we would 1) stop in Nebraska on our way to Singapore, and 2) take Erin (and the rest of her preschool friends) with us home :) Next to Jude and I, Erin probably knows Sophie the best-- Sophie's likes and dislikes, Sophie's strengths and weaknesses, how she's like when she throws a tantrum, what to do when she gets a boo-boo, etc. And Erin is just such a lovely person to begin with- we really really like her; not just because she's Sophie's teacher, but as a person, she's so fabulous. That she is also an awesome teacher makes us count our blessings everyday. We never worry when Sophie's at daycare because we know she's in good hands and that Erin's around to care for her.

If you ask her, Sophie will tell you that Erin is moving to Nebraska and that she is sad that it's Erin's last day. But I'm not sure if she fully comprehends what that really means. But Jude and I do, and we're genuinely sad. We can only hope to be able to find a caregiver who will take care of Sophie as wonderfully as Erin has...

Today, as part of a project I'm working on for Sophie, I brought our copy of Dr. Suess's Oh, the Places You'll Go! for Erin to write in- just a little message so that Sophie can remember her by in the future.

What she wrote made me cry:

It puts a smile on my face to imagine all the places you'll go. Just think of the places you've been so far-- Chicago, California, Singapore, Ann Arbor... the Muppet Studio (in your imagination!). Just the past few years I've seen you go places. First you were a cute, wiggly baby with an active set of lungs. Then you were a fun, curious toddler. Now you're a smart, thoughtful, creative, hilarious, fun-loving PRESCHOOLER! Your future is wide-open and you're sure to go any place you set your mind to. Some "places" are still a mystery-- will you grow up to be a teacher? Or an actor? Or a firegirl?! Other places are already clear-- you're going to be a thinker. You're going to be a book lover. You're going to have a wonderful sense of humor. Caring for you and seeing you become who you are has been my honor and I can't wait to see you continue to grow, learn, and mature. There's a Sophie-shaped place in my heart that no one else will fill. I know you won't remember me but I hope to have made a positive impression in your life as you have in mine. I wish you all the best in all the places you go and I love you very much Sophie Yew. Much love,

Bye bye, Erin. We miss you already :(

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