Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eating Flying Spaghetti Monsters

Sophie's dinner tonight

This is what I imagine dinner is like in the Ridley Scott household- amidst conversations about aliens and extraterrestrial lifeforms, the Scott children eat whole wheat pasta threaded through chicken dogs ;) I told Sophie she was eating Flying Spaghetti monsters and their monster eggs. And she inhaled dinner like it was her job :)

This was actually my way of jazzing up whatever's left in our fridge for the poor girl. Between purging the house and not having time to cook properly, not wanting to accumulate more food that we might not be able to finish eating, and packing up the kitchen, it's been difficult to make sure that Sophie eats nutritiously and enjoyably. We don't really care if we have to eat take-out for the rest of the week, but I can't imagine feeding Sophie chicken nuggets and hotdogs for the next 5 days.

And so thanks to Pinterest, I decided to make dinner a little fun for her. I broke uncooked whole wheat spaghetti into half, pierced them through chicken dogs that I had cut into thirds, and just threw them into boiling water. Everything took 20 minutes tops, including boiling the peas in the microwave.

Sophie thought it was a hoot and attacked the spaghetti monsters with glee, starting with the "tentacles" and eating her way into the "guts". She had so much fun with them :)

She inhaled dinner like it was her job :)

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