Friday, June 14, 2013

Down under

This was us last night around 9pm.

We leave for Sydney tomorrow
We are very organized packers

Within 30 minutes, I threw everything into the luggage bags and toiletries into various pouches and I think we're now about 90% packed. We leave for Sydney tonight and we're both working all day today so basically, we've been putting things aside every night for the past week.

This is our first long vacation outside of the region since we moved back Jude has a conference and Sophie and I are tagging along for the ride. More importatly, we're taking the opportunity to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary :)

Miss Sophie is of course looking forward to this trip. It's been the motivating force behind everything we've asked her to do for the past week-- drink more water, clean up her room, brush her teeth, go to bed early, etc. She's completely obsessed about the wombats, whales, and dolphins we're going to see. It's whale migrating season down south so we booked ourselves a whale watching boat ride so hopefully, that will be fun.

For now, our immediate concern is everyone getting enough sleep and not being cranky on a red-eye flight. Wish us luck!

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